The Story of Indonesian Coffee

Indonesia is blessed with its geographical location suitable for growing good quality of coffee. It’s tropical climate and mountainous contour of the land is suitable for cultivation of good quality coffee. As the fourth largest coffee producer country in the world after Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia, Indonesia has its own characteristics compared to other countries. Moreover, some areas in Indonesia have their specific way in cultivating and processing coffee. They do not only sell coffee, but also “sell” the unique story behind it.

Geographical and topographical diversities create various kinds of coffee plants across Indonesia. Of the three types of coffee in the world, namely arabica, robusta and liberica, Indonesia is one of the largest producers of robusta and arabica.

Of those two types of coffee, the variety of arabica in Indonesia is more diverse. The combination of climate and land contours produce high-quality arabica coffee and has specialty in each region. Remarkably, the flavour of arabica in every region is different and favored by coffee lovers from around the world.

Who doesn’t recognise Indonesian arabica coffee like Aceh Gayo, Mandheling Sumatra, Lintong, Java, Bali Kintamani, Flores, Toraja and Papua. The richness of coffee species makes Indonesia often dubbed as “Coffee Paradise”. The nickname was given during an exhibition of the “Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA)” in Seattle, USA. Indonesia deserves the title because it has 39 variants of the best specialty coffee from all over Indonesia.

Coffee is not just a delicious beverage with a variety of taste and characters. But coffee also a unity tool which can unite people from different backgrounds as reflected in the life of society where a cup of coffee can be familiarizing two people who never knew each other before. Let’s now celebrate the richness of Indonesian coffee.

(Cited from the Book of Coffee United – Brewing for Harmony)

Indonesia Specialty Coffee Exhibiton 2017

Previously in Indonesia Coffee Festival 2016

In 2016, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia organized Indonesia Coffee Festival 2016.

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11- 13 August 2017, Ground Central Berjaya Times